Construction Talent: Recruiting and Retaining Tips

The construction industry is struggling to retain qualified workers as prospective candidates are pulled in a variety of different directions, which is a major concern for many top companies in the field. Let us take a closer look at the ways in which construction companies can recruit and maintain their talent in order to reduce their NM Construction Liability.

In a digital world, there are so many tools at your fingertips. First, Construction Executive reminds you to take advantage of social media to engage with potential candidates, demonstrate organizational camaraderie, communicate benefits of completed projects, share news and stories, and showcase exciting projects. Next, try showcasing your business at local college career fairs. The construction industry has evolved in the last few decades, and sparking interest in recent college graduates is a great way to expose your business to qualified talent. Lastly, consider hiring veterans. These skilled professionals have plenty of training and qualifications that can be applied to your company.

Now that you’ve acquired the talent, here are some ways to ensure they stay.

Mentorship Program

Mentorship from seasoned professionals will help employees be inspired to work hard and thrive. Mentors should establish goals and measure the employee’s success in accomplishing them.


Training and managing employees can improve their skills. Notify employees who are interested in advancement about opportunities available to them and how they can achieve the promotion.

Employee Engagement

Studies have shown that employees who take pride in their work and are engaged are more productive and dedicated to the business. To achieve this, implement a safe, trusting, and open workplace. This could ensure employees feel valued and want to advance with your company.

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