Common Workplace Injury Myths

Protecting employees is a top priority for business owners. In order to provide a safe workplace, there needs to be safety procedures in place that identify and manage risk exposures. A safety program is critical for almost any industry, but there are some common misconceptions about workplace injuries. While achieving safety in the workplace and reducing New Mexico Workers’ Compensation claims is ideal, many employers believe this is impossible. Let us take a closer look at the common myths that surround workplace injuries.

Myth #1: Being Safe Wastes Time and Money

EHS Today states that by understanding the power of a cost/benefit analysis, you can consider the direct and indirect cost of injuries. More injuries lead to more claims, which will increase the insurance premium amount over time. Plus, injured workers lead to reduced productivity and workplace morale.

Myth #2: Accidents Happen

While not all accidents are foreseeable, the majority of them are preventable. In fact, research shows that 99% of accidents are preventable. Proper training and control over the job duties can reduce accidents significantly.

Myth #3: There’s No Such Thing as a Hazard-Free Workplace

Recognizing potentially hazardous equipment and creating mandatory safety procedures can create a safe workplace. Hazards are only created when the safety practices are ignored or not followed correctly. Ensure all employees wear protective gear, are adequately trained and supervised, and follow safety procedures at all times.

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