2017 Manufacturing Trends: Sustainability

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2017 Manufacturing Trends > Sustainable Manufacturing

As global manufacturing faces pressure to use sustainable and eco-friendly products and practices, sustainable manufacturing is predicted to make a huge impact this year. In addition to equipping your business with a comprehensive New Mexico Manufacturing Insurance package, read on to learn more about sustainability trends in manufacturing.

Businesses are finding that there are both financial and environmental benefits of using sound manufacturing processes. By conserving natural resources and minimizing their environmental impact, there is a huge market to be had. As this growing market expands, large corporations and small niche markets alike are taking part. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, here are some of the key motivating factors for manufacturers to partake in sustainability:

  • Increasing operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste.
  • Responding to or reaching new customers and increasing competitive advantage.
  • Protecting and strengthening brand and reputation and building public trust.
  • Building long-term business viability and success.
  • Responding to regulatory constraints and opportunities.

While sustainability comes in many forms, implementing strategies can be a challenge. Rather than having unattainable goals, here are some ways to ensure your sustainability strategy is successful:

  • Coordinate within your business to ensure everyone is on board, and give specific examples of how sustainability can be achieved, even in small ways.
  • Set your sights on long-term goals.
  • Focus on competitive strategies that will have big impacts, not just money-saving techniques.

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