2017 Manufacturing Trends: Digitization

As we discussed in our last blog post, the manufacturing industry is being reinvented with the help of machines and digital processes. From adaptive new communication tools to new inventions created to simplify the manufacturing process, digitization is transforming the industry. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how this is being accomplished, and how your business can keep up. Even more importantly, address your insurance needs with a comprehensive New Mexico Manufacturing Insurance package.

The inter-connectivity of networks and machines is reshaping the way manufacturers do business. From machines interacting with each other to printers sending notifications to your smartphone when the ink is low, there is no shortage of digital interfaces.

How will this be achieved?

In the future, it’s predicted that every piece will have its own embedded system of sensors and communication abilities. When this is achieved, it will be possible to get diagnostic reports from each machines and localize raw parts.

According to Frounhaufer-Gesellschaft, not only will they know the processing steps necessary, these parts will also be networked with the production machines and will be able to communicate with one another to decide exactly when they are to undergo which production step. In the future the entire line will no longer stop when a given station fails. Instead, workpieces and machines will work together to replan the processing sequence. The result is a “self-organizing” adaptive manufacturing process that no longer requires constant human intervention, while remaining under human control.

Human and machine interaction.

In order for this process to run smoothly, humans and machines need to communicate flawlessly. While humans program machines to do the work, they must monitor their usage, their life span, reboot systems and replace parts.

What are the goals of digitization in manufacturing?

The flexible factory of the future will make it possible to manufacture according to customer preferences and make production changes ranging up to the integration of new machines at any time without substantial effort. Machine utilization levels will be higher, the consumption of resources will drop, and there will be fewer rejects.

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