Reducing Valet Risks: Training and Driving Records

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Valet services are not without their risks which can cause financial liability for the hospitality industry. In this article, we are going to examine how a proper driver training course and hiring people with clean driving records can mitigate these exposures. Even more importantly, secure a Santa Fe Valet Insurance policy as a necessary component of your Hospitality Insurance Package.

As previously mentioned, the typical age of a valet employee is between 19 and 25 years old. Naturally, these employees do not have a lot of driving experience, so a thorough training course is recommended. Both in person and online options can be tailored to match your needs, depending on what types of cars and driving scenarios your employees will face.

A driving proficiency test can be included as part of the job application to ensure you hire qualified drivers. Do they know how to park large vehicles? Can they safely maneuver stick shifts? These are not as common anymore, except for in luxury brands such as Ferrari, Corvette and Porsche. However, these expensive vehicles need to be handled with care to prevent claims from occurring.

All employees should be given a proficiency test to make certain they are skilled enough to handle multiple types of vehicles and in your environment. Whether it’s operating in a parking garage or high traffic areas, your drivers must be able to handle a vehicle with skill and confidence, suggests Richard Dahm, Senior Risk Consultant, National Hospitality Division, Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

Next, if your valet service backs vehicles into parking spaces, it’s recommended that part of your job application requires the candidate to successfully complete this.

While the turnover might be high in valet positions, run a quick check on the driver to ensure they have a clean driving record. These records should be reviewed annually for new and existing drivers.

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