How to Manage and Revitalize a Burnt-Out Workforce

When employees become stressed, not only are they prone to making mistakes, they also face serious physical and mental health problems.

There are many methods employers can utilize to reduce workplace stress, and it all begins with understanding what causes the stress to begin with. Once you’ve recognized that your employees are overworked, you can work on getting to the root of the problem and making changes to better your business.

Understanding Burnout

When it comes to workplace stress, there are several factors involved. However, the most commonly cited causes of stress include:

  • Workload
  • Coworkers
  • Work-life balance
  • Lack of job security

If it seems like your employees are getting stressed out and burned out at work, open a conversation about it. Chances are, they will not approach you about increased stress levels; after all, they may worry their job could be on the line.

Talking with them to understand the cause of  low performance can help to easily tackle the issue from the source. By offering a way for employees to discuss what is causing them stress, you may be able to make simple changes to bring the spirit of the workplace back up.

Workplace Environment

It is very important to remember that your employees are humans and allow them to to feel as so. When stress levels are overwhelming, remind employees that they may step away for a moment to rejuvenate. You never know what can muster up if resentment continues to build.

Going for a walk, having a coffee in the break room, taking a moment to meditate, or even simply having a non-work related conversation with coworkers can help refresh the mind.

Consider your own work habits. If employees notice you are always glued to your desk, they will be less likely to take breaks. Nobody wants to be outworked by the boss, especially if they are worried about job security. If they notice you go on walks or take a little time away from your work, employees will be more comfortable doing the same.

Allow Autonomy

Feeling like every tiny movement is controlled and monitored can quickly make employees become burned out. As the millennial generation becomes the biggest demographic in today’s workforce, it is important to understand how their minds work. One of the most important factors millennials consider when in search of a job is the workplace environment. They want to have at least some control over what they do, and how they do it.

In addition to everything that you do to make your company a safe and enriching place for your employees to work, make sure you have a New Mexico Business Insurance program in place. When you allow tensions to build, you never know what could come up, and it’s important that you and your business will be covered.


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