How to Find the Best Insurance Agent for Your Needs

There are many different qualities to look at when selecting an insurance agent. It will be dependent on your individual insurance needs as well as your lifestyle and financial situation. It may be beneficial for you to weigh your options, whether you are seeking your first agent or thinking about switching agents or companies. There are certain qualities that you can use to help evaluate who is best for you, and Daniels Insurance Agency is ready to help you find the New Mexico insurance agent that will best fit your insurance needs.


Speak with potential agents and discuss your situation with them. They should be able to provide a quote for you, and you should never feel as if they are pressuring you to work with them. This conversation alone can give you a grasp of their work ethic and will help you to gauge whether you feel comfortable working with them. It is very important that you click with your agent, as you want to make sure you feel comfortable coming to them with any concerns you may have.


You can check with New Mexico’s insurance department or with the Better Business Bureau to see if the agent has had many complaints filed against them. Pay attention to these red flags. However, you may instead find that there are compliments about the agents you’re considering. Looking at other clients’ feedback is another great way to gauge what it would be like to work with an agent.


It is common for agents and brokers to have letters behind their names on their business cards. These represent credentials they have earned from various insurance groups or associations. Ask what these letters mean or how they earned them. You have the right to know if they are as qualified as you’d like for your agent to be.

Don’t be afraid to ask your prospective agent for references, or how they would deal with a particular situation. It is in your best interest to be sure they are 100% qualified for your personal insurance needs. If an agent doesn’t know an answer to a question, they should always offer to find the answer. An agent has no reason to leave a question unanswered.


Make sure the agent and the company they would be writing your policy with are licensed in the state of New Mexico. You can make sure of this by calling New Mexico’s insurance department.


If you are using an independent agent who doesn’t tell you much about the company they would be placing your coverage with and why that company has the best coverage for you, ask why they chose that company. You should always know exactly what will be covered and why.

When finding an insurance agent in New Mexico, keep in mind that there should only be honest sales. You should never feel pressured to choose an agent, a company or a quote.

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