How Often Should You Clean Your Car?

Do you stay up on your oil changes, brake pad maintenance and fluid checks? These are vital maintenance items for a smooth-running ride, but so is taking care of your vehicle’s exterior. With regular car washes, your car will not only look better, but also remain in better condition. A common question is how often is a car washing really needed?

The Frequency of Car Washes

In general, washing your car every couple weeks or every other week should be sufficient, but the real answer to this question will be dependent upon many factors.

How often do you drive? Maybe you don’t have to commute to work or drop the kids off at school every day. If you keep the car in a garage, you might be able to extend the time you wait between washes and find that once a month is enough.

What kind of environment is your car normally in? Outside elements make a huge difference. Do you live where it’s hot and dusty, right by the coast with salty ocean air, where it snows a lot and the roads get salted or in the woods where tree sap falls on your car? If the natural elements are harsh around you, then you should consider washing your car once a week.

Summer vs. Winter

The time of year makes a difference in how often you should wash your car as well, especially if you deal with snow on a regular basis, as mentioned above. Road salt and constant moisture can put great strain on your vehicle. Keep in mind that rust is extremely damaging to a car, as well. If this is relevant for you, you should try to wash your vehicle as much as possible, aiming for about once a week.

On the other hand, when a vehicle is in extremely hot climates, dust storms might be the issue, which can also be very damaging to car paint and the heat will quickly wear off protective wax. It is best to keep your vehicle in the shade and plan on weekly washes in these circumstances.

Why Washing Your Car is Important

We are all busy, and washing your car may seem like a hassle and fall down the list of priorities. However, skimping on car washes can create lasting damage to your car. Dirt particles can form easily and quickly, eventually creating micro-scratches in the paint. As the scratches grow, the coat is compromised and your vehicle becomes that much more vulnerable to damage. Make washing your car a priority so something that was once a minor inconvenience doesn’t turn into a hefty expense. A Hobbs New Mexico insurance agent can provide insights on how you can protect your investment both on and off the road.

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