How Can Hotels Attract More Clientele Post Pandemic?

The hotel industry is one of the most affected businesses during the pandemic. Post pandemic, it is still trying to improve and attract more clients. Even with the easement of travel restrictions, check-ins aren’t yet the same as before this global crisis. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t attract more clientele during these times.

You can still improve your marketing strategies by doing these 8 proven ways.

Look into Your Analytics

Now is the perfect time to review your online and offline data on customer behavior. Know how your customers find your website, your hotel or how they book their check-ins.

Even if circumstances are still uncertain, you should prepare for the future. Use this opportunity to create a resilient marketing plan in case something similar happens in the future.

Besides, don’t let this crisis ruin your hotel’s long-term development plan. Start planning your marketing strategies based on what analytics have shown you. Proactive solutions will help you survive this ordeal.

Scrutinize Your Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies involve online and offline methods. Thus, make sure you and your marketing team look at every aspect of the business marketing strategies.

If your hotel has a website, assess its performance. Is your website driving enough traffic to increase brand awareness?

If you have a social page, look at how your hotel patrons interact with your posts. Even during this pandemic period, make sure all your social pages are active.

The posts don’t have to include check-in discounts since these would be impractical or ineffective. Provide valuable information that your customers can use during these trying times to attract more clientele.

Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a vast aspect of your marketing efforts. It involves social media pages, email, blogs, podcasts, and videos.

With the marketing budget restrictions, you think that cut down is the most practical way right at this moment. However, you can direct this marketing budget to other methods.

These digital methods could provide faster results than the traditional ways. You can improve interlinking between your posts. Send some outreach emails.

Re-brand Your Social Page and Website

If your hotel’s social pages aren’t getting much engagement from your target customers, it’s time to re-brand your social page and update your website. Take some videos and photos in advance.

The important part of this aspect is to evaluate what attracts your customers to click on your booking app. Focus on that data and see how you can tweak your social media marketing to capitalize on these analytics.

Scrutinize your past posts. Perhaps, there’s a blog post that needs updating, especially business information. Take down posts that aren’t performing or driving traffic.

Create FAQ videos

Frequently asked questions are one of the best ways to provide valuable information about your hotel. These are also your means to give updates to your customers.

Make the video entertaining to avoid a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate is not good for SEO purposes because it affects your ranking on search engines. Use appropriate keywords so your videos are searchable in search engines.

Increase Your Lead Generation Rate

Lead generation is a way of converting your visitors into potential clients. You can either create an excellent landing page with strategically placed call-to-action buttons.

Alternatively, your website’s blog is a great avenue for lead generation. The essential aspect of lead generation is to convince your client to click on your link.

Update Your “Google My Business” Information

Google My Business (GMB) gives your customers information about your hotel. If you changed your operating hours or contact information, update your GMB to let your clients know.

If you haven’t created a GMB account yet, create one now. GMB allows you to create a great business profile and lets your customers find your hotel locally. You can add photos, products, and services of your hotel. This way, you can attract more clientele from both local and distance locations.

Consider an Outreach Strategy

When is the last time you send an email to your clients? If you’re regularly sending emails in the past months but stopped due to some reasons, perhaps consider an outreach strategy.

Send an email just checking how your clients are doing. But, make sure that the email outreach is appropriate. Don’t use this to pitch a marketing campaign. It won’t be cost-effective, especially if you aren’t sending any emails to your clients in the first place.


The pandemic shouldn’t deter you from improving your marketing strategies that drive your ability to attract more clientele. Besides, the result of a marketing strategy is more on a long-term effect. Most importantly, get Santa Fe Hospitality Insurance for your hotel. This would protect your hotel business, especially from interruption losses.

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