Holiday Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

In our last two posts, we’ve covered some great insights for real estate agents, including how to boost your sales price and important disclosure agreement requirements they all should know. This time, we’re wrapping up our series of real estate blogs with an article dedicated to holiday marketing tips for agents. It might seem like an inopportune time to buy or sell a home, but playing into the holiday spirit  can be just the charm your clients need to complete the sale. Most importantly, protect yourself and your business with a Real Estate Professional Liability policy.

Any real estate agent can send current and prospective clients a holiday card. But, take it a step further and ramp up your efforts to make the sale this holiday season.

Holiday Calendars

Think about things your clients actually use, without going over the top. A holiday calendar is just what they need since people usually buy them before the first of the new year. Include your name, phone number and email address on the calendar so that they’re reminded of your services.

Customized Magnets and Mugs

Again, this is the time to be festive without overdoing it. Give your clients a festive holiday mug or customized magnet that thanks them for utilizing you for their home buying and selling needs.

Email Campaigns

Now is the time to draft out your email marketing campaign. An initial email, followed by a few follow-ups is all you need. Evaluate your website, as well, to make updates and see what needs to be changed and worked on this season.


You can create an eBook of your sales within the past year, how you can help, and how you go about the real estate transaction. This will entice new clients to hire you, just be sure to make it a free download on your website and promote it on your social media channels.

Social Media

Stick to the 5-3-2 rule for posts. According to RIS Media,

  • Five posts should be shared content from others, such as helpful articles or links that your potential clients will find useful. This is known as curated content.
  • Three posts should be things you’ve created. While some branding can be included, make sure these posts are useful to your clients.
  • Two posts should be personal, fun, or entertaining. These can be branded, but your purpose isn’t to get people to work with you. These are referred to as humanizing posts, and their purpose is to show people there’s a real person behind the brand name.

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