Does Your Construction Operation Need Security?

There are many things that could lead to insurance claims or lawsuits on a construction site. Many of them have to do with occupational safety, and are typically combated by improving occupational safety measures and having a comprehensive construction liability insurance program. However, there have been some discussions over whether the safety at construction operations can be improved by hiring security.

Providing security for a construction site can be a difficult assignment, regardless of the size of the operation. However, there are several reasons contracting businesses must have solid security in place throughout the construction phase. For your references, here are some reasons why it is beneficial for you to bring on  guards on duty to your construction sites.

Employee and Visitor Safety

One of the most common and important concerns of a construction contractor is safety for both the employees and authorized visitors. Implementing a security checkpoint will allow for all your employees to identify themselves when entering the property to work, while also creating a safe process for when visitors need to access the site. 

Deterring Trespassers

Some contractors do not choose to hire a security agency to watch over their construction sites on a continual basis, usually for financial reasons. Simply putting up “No Trespassing” signs around the site may seem like an affordable solution, but this is rarely sufficient in deterring trespassers due to the fact that signs alone simply do not scare off  intruders enough to keep them out. It takes qualified personnel for effective prevention and protective measures.

Equipment Protection

Theft is understandably a very serious concern for contractors. Construction equipment is usually quite expensive, and even scrap materials can have significant value. Locks merely act as a deterrent. Note that gaining access to the site can be easy for a determined thief if there are not any armed or unarmed security guards to keep watch. It is in your best interest to have security protect your assets.

Injury Claim Prevention

Intruders who are violating trespassing postings are technically breaking the law, but this does not mean they cannot file a personal injury claim if they are hurt when committing the criminal act. There are many loopholes in certain injury claim laws that indicate a person injured on a property could still potentially file a legal claim even after violating trespassing laws. One example of this is when trespassers claim the construction site operator did not provide a reasonable duty of care to keep them out.


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