Building a Strong Real Estate Team for 2017

The secret recipe for a successful real estate agent is a combination of expertise in the industry, knowledge about current and future housing market demands, and never failing to learn new things. However, as an agent, especially with your own practice, it can be overwhelming to stay abreast of new trends and train a team simultaneously. Therefore, we have created a simple list of tips to build a solid, efficient and profitable team this year. In addition, ensure your NM Real Estate Professional Liability Insurance is intact and up to date.

Utilize resources.

You don’t have to do everything on your own; utilize the resources you have from networking and training to perfect your pitch and teach your new hires to be as successful as you are. Gather resources for marketing, sales techniques, client interaction, transaction management, and more.

Hire administrative help.

Whether this person is full or part-time, they should be the ones handling all of the day to day tasks. Otherwise, you’re going to spend about 15-30 hours per week on administrative work, rather than focusing on your sales. Instead, you can hire someone to do this for you and maintain your records for $15-20 an hour. Remember, you must delegate and follow a proven process for hiring and training talent, explains Verl Workman to RIS Media.

Bring in millennials.

Teamwork is a positive trait that millennials have been shown to demonstrate and crave in a career. Helping each other be successful is more than just group work; it builds a team mentality. Therefore, foster these work habits and ensure everyone is on the same page and looking out for one another. This way, when something goes awry, your team will be quick to step up to the plate, claim ownership, and resolve conflicts promptly.

Streamline processes.

Take advantage of all the digital equipment and software available to make your processes more streamlined. These are available to manage the transaction before, during, and after to minimize your workload.

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