What Happens When Someone Gets Into a Car Accident in Your Car?

Before you even buy your very first vehicle, apply for a car insurance policy first! Car insurance policies like Santa Fe car insurance cover financial liabilities in the event of vehicular accidents.

There’s no telling when you’ll get into a car accident. Aside from vehicle damage, you can get severely injured too! But what happens if someone else is responsible for crashing your car?

If someone else is driving your car during a car accident, will your insurance coverage kick in?

It is highly likely for your auto insurance to cover an accident, even if it’s someone else driving your car as long as you permitted them, more so if they are included on your insurance policy. Let’s analyze these two situations carefully.

When it is a permissive driver

A permissive driver is someone you have permitted to use your car for whatever purpose. If a permissive driver gets into a car accident, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your insurance will still cover the cost regardless if you were with them or not.

The collision coverage will take care of the car damage, while the liability coverage will take care of any damages to the other person and his or her vehicle. If costs go beyond your limit, then the permissive driver’s car insurance can take over. Their liability coverage can manage some of the costs. However, if they don’t have any car insurance, then they might be asked to pay for them straight from out of their pockets.

When the driver is included in the insurance policy

If the driver is included on your insurance policy, like your spouse or other household members, your car insurance provider will treat them as if it was you who was involved. They will receive all benefits as if it was you who was driving the car.

When will car insurance NOT pay to cover an accident?

If any of these situations apply, your car insurance will opt-out from covering any damages caused by accident:

When the driver is not on your insurance policy

There are instances wherein the insured requests specific people to be excluded from their insurance policy, mainly because having them added will prompt an increase in their rates. People who are not on the policy are left out due to high-risk or inexperienced at driving.

Even if you’ve permitted them, as long as they are excluded from your insurance policy, they won’t get any support in case of a car accident.

When it’s a non-permissive driver

Even a spouse or relative won’t be covered by insurance coverage if you, as the owner, never allowed them to use your car in the first place. This particular situation requires an in-depth investigation to prove that no consent, in any form, was given to the driver at the time of the incident. If proven, the driver will be held liable for the damages.


In rare but possible cases, damages won’t be covered if the driver is a permissive driver who met an accident under the influence of any drug or alcohol. If the driver, regardless of relationship with the owner, insurance policy inclusion, and permission, does not own a driver’s license, the insurance policy will never pay for damages.

What if a thief stole your car and then got into an accident?

If your car were stolen and then got into an accident, the insurance provider would most likely cover the damages. You won’t be held liable for the thief’s actions.

Will the rates increase after getting into an accident?

Yes. Just as it would when you get into an accident, your premium rates would most likely go up even when someone else was driving.

Many situations warrant different responses from car insurance companies. The above situations are but a few of the most common examples of an accident involving another driver.

It’s important to note that accidents are inevitable, and car insurance policies will do their best to adapt to the situation. Insurance companies aid in alleviating the pain and worry. However, there’s only so much they can do. The full responsibility for what happens before and after weighs heavily on you.

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