Top 5 New Driver Tips for NM Teens

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Are you excited to test your driving skills after getting your driver’s license? Of course, you are. After years of hitchhiking with your parents or guardian, finally, you have the freedom to go wherever you want. But, before you go out for a test drive with your friends, remember these new driver tips because they can save your life in emergency matters. While many have heard these tips from their parents or read it online, they are worth repeating to ensure safety.

Know About Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re a minor or not. Insurance is a requirement and must be carried. Most likely, if you’re a minor or living with your parents, you’re included on your parent’s insurance coverage.

If you discover your parents don’t have a comprehensive policy, you can convince them to get Santa Fe car insurance. This policy includes liability coverage and coverage for the car. It is affordable and will save you and your parents the risk of paying accident costs out of your pockets.

Trust us. You can prevent your parents from paying damage costs that could have been covered by insurance.

Familiarize Yourself with Car’s Functions

Whether automatic or manual, know the different signal lights on the car’s dashboard. These signal lights tell you if the car is working functioning properly or not. Also, these light signals on your vehicle will save you from road accidents.

Bring a Safety Kit and a Map

A map and a safety kit are two things you should always have in your car. Even if you’re familiar with the area, it’s wise to keep a map on hand in case your phone or GPS dies and you get lost.

Driving gives you a different perspective of familiar places. It’s easy to get lost. With a map, you can find your way back.

A safety kit, on the other hand, is beneficial during emergencies. The car might break down anytime, and the worst thing that can happen is an accident.

What should be on the safety kit? Flashlights, batteries, spare tires, essential tools, kitty litter for traction, road flares, candles (great during winter for melting snow build-ups on the car’s tires), among other things.

Pay Attention to the Road

When we say pay attention, we mean eyes on the road, traffic signals, and road signs. Road signs are there to prevent accidents. If the road sign says reduce speed, follow it. If the traffic light says red, stop and wait for the green signal.

Don’t park anywhere. Otherwise, you get a ticket or a towing inconvenience. It doesn’t matter if you park only for a few minutes.

Lastly, keep your eyes on the road. It’s okay to have fun with friends while on a test drive. But that doesn’t mean you talk to them like you’re lounging on your couch. You can speak, but you can never take your eyes off the road while you’re driving.

If you need to make your point to your friends, stop the car and pull-over. Then, you can spend the next few hours talking and venting.

No Phones While Driving

The rule of no phones while driving is absolute.

When you access your phone while driving, you take your eyes off the road for a fraction of a second. This fraction of a second is critical to your safety. Leave your phone out of sight and on a silent/vibrating mode. If the call is essential, again, stop the car and pull-over.


Many young drivers get into accidents because they’re too excited and forget safety precautions. Don’t become one of the statistics and remember these tips.

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