Tips for Implementing Successful Curbside Service

The majority of diners indicated that they would use the curbside service at their favorite restaurant if the option were available. With that in mind, the benefits of curbside service for both parties should be noted- more seats available inside for your restaurant and the customer can get a quick meal while on the run. Therefore, here are some tips to implement a successful curbside service option in your restaurant. Even more importantly, however, is securing your entire operation with a custom-tailored Albuquerque Restaurant Insurance program.

Plan ahead.

According to the National Restaurant Association, you should reserve a few parking spaces near your front door for curbside pick-up only. That ensures your customers have convenient places to park and that your staff can easily find them and it also advertises your curbside service as customers walk in. This will maximize the advertising space next to your establishment, so look into reserving parking spots as soon as possible.

Staff the restaurant as needed.

Service is still your number one focus, so if you implement a curbside pickup service, be sure you have the staff to sustain it. Staff members should be on site to take orders, watch for the customer’s arrival and deliver the food to their vehicles. If there is a shortage of staff, hosts and hostesses may take over the duties, but be sure not to compromise service for dine-in customers. Instead, pull from whoever can spare the time!

Splurge on proper containers.

Not only will the right storage containers keep the food warm and prevent spillage, but it can help to advertise your curbside service. Label your containers with your restaurant’s logo and provide a branded carry out bag, as well.

Be efficient.

Last but not least, invest in a mobile payment method. Processing payments at the customer’s vehicle will prevent the back and forth from the restaurant to the car and can streamline the pickup process.

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