The Right & Wrong Way to Reopen a Hotel

The COVID-19 pandemic caused temporary closures to many businesses worldwide. The most affected ones are those in the hospitality and tourism industry. The pandemic is still scaring people, but many tourists are bold enough to travel and take advantage of the discounted rates. So, as a hotel owner, you have to adapt to the current situation to ensure customer service and satisfaction.

Here are some of the wrong and right ways to reopen your hotel after the public health crisis.

Wrong Ways

A simple mistake is acceptable occasionally, but in hospitality, this mistake can snowball quickly. Below are three wrong ways to reopen your hotel and its solution.

Charging Guests with Full Price of Closed Amenities

We know you want to make up for the lost profit for the past months. But, it is a mistake to charge guests the full price.

At this point, most of the amenities found near or in your hotel are closed for business. What makes the matter worse is when guests can’t enjoy their stay because you fail to mention these closures or partial bookings of amenities.

To address this dilemma, explain to your customers why you need to maintain the same price despite many closed amenities. If possible, use dynamic pricing to help you in finding the best price for your customers.

In short, you need to communicate with customers to avoid dissatisfaction and alienation.

Redirecting to Buggy Application

The pandemic has brought innovations to the next level. Hotel guests use dedicated apps to book reservations and to receive updates on the current schedule. However, if the app has too many bugs and causes an inconvenience, you’re losing your patrons and potential customers.

When we say automation in hospitality, we mean technology-driven. Instead, use easily accessible apps that don’t require strong internet signals. You can incorporate chatbots on your communications but make sure the answers don’t go in circles.

Chatbots are fine, but your hotel will need to address inquiries that a person can only answer. A human touch on the other end of the line is a big plus. You should assign a staff who monitors incoming messages for reservations or inquiries not covered in the chatbot.

Now more than ever, customers want quick responses for their inquiries.

Relaxing ealth Protocols

Some of the changes the hospitality industry has faced lately include travel bans and operating at a maximum of 50% of their capacity. But these recent changes don’t mean easing up health protocols such as maintaining 6-feet distance and the mandatory wearing of masks in public.

Even with the pace of hotel operations picking up, you can’t add a table to accommodate more customers. If you have to remind customers every few hours to maintain the 6-feet distance, do it. Besides, customer safety comes first in this new normal. 

Right Ways

We are in the new normal where wearing a mask in public is a requirement. Social distancing is another requirement for most business establishments. The most significant change ever is the no-touch policy. As much as possible, minimize interacting with customers. We enumerated three simple ways to reopen your hotel.

Touchless Check-in

Before the pandemic, hotel employees had to face customers checking in to greet them warmly and make them feel welcome. This social aspect is deferred as of the moment. You have to limit face to face interaction to reduce the risk of infection.

You can send messages to your customers and ask for their estimated time of arrival. Through this, you can prepare the room. Then, inform your customers their hotel room is ready, and leave the key in a designated area that is at least 6 feet away from your employees.

Offer Recommendations

Using a tech-driven app such as Messenger or WeChat, you can provide the highest caliber of customer service. Tell your customers they can ask you about what businesses or tourist spots are available to visit.

The combination of chatbots and human interaction via the app can make your hotel guests more comfortable. With your recommendations, they can find the best place to visit and to eat. A knowledgeable receptionist on local businesses can help even in the least possible way.


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