The Qualities of a Great Construction Project Manager

All great construction projects require the efforts of countless skilled workers, hundreds of specific tasks, and the leadership of a great construction project manager. There are certain qualities that would make someone a great construction project manager. Developing these skills over time and seeking candidates with these qualities will help to ensure that construction projects are led by someone with the right experience and mindset to run the project efficiently and effectively. Along with New Mexico Business Insurance for construction projects, the right manager is one of the most important lines of defense against the myriad risks of construction.

So who is the right manager? These are the qualities you should look for.

Clear and Effective Communication

Communication skills lie at the heart of nearly every activity on the planet. Project managers must understand and apply effective communication throughout a project. Without communication, skilled workers will be unable to perform to the best of their abilities. A project’s progress may even be completely derailed as a result of poor communication skills. Transcribe intricate project details into smaller, easy-to-complete activities.

Task Delegation

Construction projects are not a one-man job. You must delegate tasks to skilled workers throughout project timeliness. This may include selecting different workers with alternate duties to perform specific activities or delegating individuals to oversee smaller portions of the overall project.

Assessing Status & Prioritizing

Throughout a project and discrepancies in available versus needed resources, including workforce and physical resources, requires frequent reassessment of the project’s status and prioritize activities and tasks appropriately.

For instance, a sudden change in weather could result in failure to complete roofing activities. As a result, these workers may be reassigned to other tasks. This could also encompass general contractors who may be experiencing their own issues with available workers outside of the company. Unforeseen circumstances such as these are common within the world of construction.

Good Problem-Solving Skills

Every construction project comes with challenges, obstacles, and issues. It isn’t realistic to think you’ll be able to identify every possible worst-case scenario, therefore advanced problem-solving skills come in handy. This will allow a project to adapt and grow as the project develops.

Construction projects can even experience community backlash or political opinions, which threaten to hinder progress. Problem-solving skills are especially crucial when a re-evaluation of progress results in changes to project deadlines.


A project’s end result relies heavily on the skills of the construction project manager, but completion wouldn’t be possible without the cooperation of all team member involved. A great construction project manager understands this and will create a collaborative environment of trust and appreciation. This may be something as simple welcoming feedback through communication or spending additional time in the field with workers.

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