The Most Common Worksite Hazards for Construction Workers

It’s no secret that construction jobs are hazardous; the industry consistently ranks in the top 10 of the most dangerous occupations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction accidents claimed 144 lives in 2018, with another 5,390 workers suffering construction injuries. As one of the country’s largest industries, it also has one of the highest accident rates; construction accidents occur at a rate of about 20 for every 100,000 workers. Workers face multiple hazards, ranging from working at heights to electrocution and more, depending on the job site.

Strikes by Falling Objects

Falling objects are also among the main causes of accidents in construction. Even seemingly harmless objects, such as a bucket or debris, can become deadly with the force of gravity behind it. Tools, building materials and more are sometimes dropped or kicked over the edge of a building and plummet onto an unlucky person standing below. OSHA reports more than 50,000 people annually are hit by falling objects at a job site.

Moving Objects

A construction site involves multiple people, machines and materials, all in constant motion. Along with earthmovers, overhead lifting equipment may be in use to move heavy beams and other materials around. Supply trucks, dump trucks and other equipment may also be coming and going. Add to that the noise from all of this equipment and the risk is clear; those not wearing high-visibility vests are in danger of being overlooked. Because there is a broad range of risks at construction sites, we recommend regular reviews of your workers’ compensation coverage to ensure adequate coverage.

Other Common Construction Hazards

Other common construction hazards that workers face include slips and trips, collapsing trenches, electricity and hazardous materials. Slips and trips are typically the result of improper storage of materials, while collapsing trenches may lack the proper support. Electric shock is the culprit in some falls, and may also result from would-be electricians doing work they are not qualified to do. Dust, asbestos and other airborne fibers and materials present at a worksite can also lead to a variety of diseases.

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