Should You Promote from Within at Your Restaurant?

Promoting employees from within is a great way to boost morale and ensure qualified candidates get the recognition they deserve. Especially as you already know their work ethic, promoting hourly employees to salaried ones has a long track record of success. Therefore, let us take a closer look at how to encourage loyalty to your business and help workers achieve their career goals. In addition, don’t forget to ensure your business is adequately protected with a Santa Fe Restaurant Insurance Package.

Identify career paths.

Show employees what career paths are possible, even starting from a line cook or a hostess- which is the beauty of promoting from within. This way, motivated employees know which routes to take to achieve their career goals.  Furthermore, provide positions that serve as stepping stones for those goals. This way, more and more responsibility can be given to the employee and leadership can be taught.

Lead qualified candidates in the right direction.

Remember, not everyone is suited for management. It takes a very different skill set to manage a team rather than get results from your own hard work. However, point the best candidates in the right direction.

Let the candidates know what qualities you see in them that would make them a great leader so they can further develop those traits. This could be comradery, problem solving, team work, etc. Next, give employees all the training they need, both formal and informal. For example, Nancy Cross, chief people officer of Mexican Restaurants Inc., explained to the National Restaurant Association to prepare employees for their roles-mangers might informally show a certified trainer how to close the restaurant and then provide a hands-on opportunity to practice the skill, then follow-up with a formal training later on.

Invest in your employees.

It makes perfect business sense to invest your business’ money into your employees who are going to be star players for your restaurant. Offer to pay for their education, at least in part, to sharpen their skills in finance and management, offer seminars to hear from industry leaders, and pay them well for their efforts.

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