Real Estate: Understanding the Millennial Buyer

Fun fact: those the aged 36 and under make up 34% of home buyers. This growing generation is a unique segment. Millennials aren’t intrigued with traditional marketing tactics so adjusting strategies will help to stay afloat. Learn how to reach millennial home buyers and evolve your marketing to keep up with the future real estate market. Speak with a New Mexico insurance agent about coverage needed in this field, and familiarize yourself with the unique needs of this market.

Millennials are Seeking Advice

Many millennials are currently in the process of purchasing a home for the first time. They value an agent who can coach them through unfamiliar territory.  Providing patient guidance throughout the whole process should be a main priority. Show them how you can help navigate common challenges.

Help figure out which homes they can afford, how to overcome obstacles to getting their offer accepted, and determine which mortgage type is right for them. Millennials will want to see that you can make the complicated home buying process easier.

Price is a Priority

Most millennials will have to be extremely price-conscious. First-time buyers won’t have funds from a previous home sell and are commonly in debt from student loans. Emphasize how you can help them save money during the process. Assisting with contract negotiations or mortgage lender references will make a huge difference to them; but be sure to speak with your New Mexico insurance agent beforehand. Expenses and affordability are on the top of millennials’ minds, so the topic of saving money will resonate with them.

Appearance Matters

Millennials check social media throughout the day. Visual sites like Instagram are very popular among millennials who want to find interior design or architecture inspiration. 41% of young home buyers say that home staging is important. Creating an environment that millennials can picture themselves living in is an important part of the buying process.

Use image-heavy marketing by featuring stunning photos of stylish homes or beautiful views. Promote your services on visual platforms and be sure your content features a visually-compelling component. An interactive slide show or a video tour of properties would definitely grab their attention.

Make Yourself Stand Out

Millennials are the most likely to consider more than just one agent.  Most will consider multiple agents during their search. Distinguishing yourself from other agents is especially important when working with millennial clients. Create an agent bio stating what you stand for and why you’re passionate about what you do. Millennials favor conversational emails and typically want a service provider to initiate a personal connection.

The Age of Technology

Millennials will go online to begin the home buying process, so digital marketing is critical. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is important to align content in your website to the keywords millennials use to search for homes. This will allow your information to show in search listings.

Promote services on your website as a valuable search tool for finding their new home. Consult with a New Mexico insurance agent about receiving a coverage plan to help prevent any backfire.


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