Protecting Your Home From Wildfire Threats

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Purchasing a piece of property is a significant investment, and knowing if there are wildfire threats is essential before purchase. Also, owners will naturally want to ensure the excellent condition of their houses and the land they stand on and preserve their value. Protecting your home is a must.

Getting liability insurance is an essential first step in protecting your property from wildfire. Likewise, anyone who owns a house, business, apartment, or any other structure in a fire zone should get the appropriate coverage as soon as possible.

But you can do many things to minimize the damage caused by fires and prevent financial ruin. Read on for some proven tips on how you can protect your house and property from this costly threat: 

Necessary steps to protect your home from wildfire

Wildfires often occur without warning and can spread very quickly. Moreover, they can cause considerable damage within a matter of hours and possibly even result in losing lives. Always take preventive measures that prevent the spread of fire and reduce the damage they could cause. 

Fire prevention methods generally fall under three categories:

  1. Fortifying the roof
  2. Protecting the outer wall
  3. Creating a perimeter around the property

Fortifying the Roof

Fortifying your roof typically involves employing fireproof designs using non-combustible materials. Likewise, a bonus is that these strategies often result in a hardier and more durable roof that will preserve the home’s value.

The good news is that going for safety doesn’t mean having to sacrifice design. There are techniques to make short overhangs and flat edges blend aesthetically with the rest of the structure. These features can help reduce leaf and debris buildup, a known fire risk. 

It is always good to use Class A-rated non-combustible coverings for roof construction. These materials make roofs much less likely to catch fire and prevent it from spreading to the rest of the house. And like fireproof and flame-retardant designs, non-combustible coverings are often unnoticeable. Additionally, they will not interfere with the structure’s architectural design.

Protecting the Outer Wall

Protecting the outer wall of your home may seem unnecessary, but it is a necessary precaution that could save lives and prevent damage to your property. These strategies aim to prevent a fire from spreading to the property’s interior and the home by eliminating possible entry points.  

The first step is to install appropriate wall coverings made of flame-retardant material. These should be available at most home depots in any large town or city.

Next, seal any gaps around your wall’s exterior openings. Check every inch of your wall thoroughly for possible entry points. A tiny crack can cause flames to pass through, so be very exact about covering everything up.

Again, many material inherently provide fire-resistant qualities without ruining the look and feel of your home’s design. You can opt for bricks over wood, for example, or even use steel as accents. Then, make sure you choose rated fire-resistant materials for long periods since most wildfires usually last for hours.

Creating a Perimeter Around the Property

Finally, ensure there is enough space around your property. As the Hermit Peak and Canon Canyon wildfire showed, having a perimeter around the property can prevent the spread of fire from combustible materials falling on the building.

Take extra precautions if the property is directly next to a forest, grove of trees, or hedgerow. Also, experts recommend clearing at least 30 feet of space around the building in such cases. Don’t worry about the space going to waste. Ultimately, you can still use it for leisure and recreation as long as you use non-combustible materials. You can even be creative and turn it into an outdoor space for lounging or storage.

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