Oil and Gas Safety: Preventing Chemical Hazards

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As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, protecting your employees from common industry hazards is a full-time job. From vehicle collisions to machine safety,  there’s no shortage of exposures. In this last blog, we’re going to cover the final major safety challenge that your employees face – exposure to harsh chemicals. Therefore, achieve peace of mind with a tailored Santa Fe Oil and Gas Insurance Package.

Educate employees.

Employers should take the time to train workers on how to use proper protective measures to avoid the health effects of oil and gas chemicals. Worker exposure to chemicals used on oil and gas horizontal drilling and fracking sites depends on the substance they are handling. Encountering caustic materials may result in chemical burns while workers can develop respiratory illnesses from inhaling toxic gases, explains FB Industries.

In addition, exposure to toxic hydrogen sulfide at crude oil wells is a huge concern. While the distinct yet foul odor is easy to identify to anyone else, oil and gas workers might become accustomed to it as prolonged exposures weakens their sense of smell.

Watch out for flammable substances.

Most people associate fires with electrical equipment. However, a spark from a cigarette or a poorly handled machine can ignite a devastating fire.

Workers must understand the hazards that may be surrounding them in the workplace, such as flowback fluids used at well sites that have methane and other flammable substances that can ignite, explains the article. Next, your employees should be aware of any potentially flammable gases from production and surface equipment, as well.

Follow safety regulations.

OSHA has implemented rules and regulations for oil and gas workers to prevent injury (or worse, death) on the job. Follow these specific rules, and provide ample training, to ensure your company is compliant and injury is avoided.

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