Implementing Locally Sourced Food in your Restaurant

According to the 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast, 57 percent of adults say they look for limited-service restaurants that serve locally sourced food, while 45 percent say an important factor is the availability of organic or environmentally friendly food. As the demand for locally sourced food is only going to continue to grow, try these steps for integrating these items onto your restaurant’s menu. In addition, ensure your operation is backed by a customized Albuquerque Restaurant Insurance program.

Go to local farmer’s markets.

Support local growers by buying in season ingredients from your farmer’s markets. Once you establish a working relationship with them, you are more likely to get the ingredients you need. Furthermore, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, your vendor can point you in the right direction.

Plan ahead.

Ask your growers what they are going to have in store for you in the coming weeks and seasons. Plan your menu ahead of time and work with your vendors to get the best possible ingredients at the best time of year.

Scope out the competition.

Go to your competitor’s restaurants and see what locally sourced ingredients are featured on their menus. If they list food sources, get in contact with them!

Create a sustainable food supply.

Work with growing associations, cheese guilds, butchers, etc. to promote a sustainable food supply in your restaurant. Bear in mind that the smaller the menu is, the easier it is to sustain and cook!

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