Improving Safety in Your Manufacturing Operation

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The importance of safety within the workplace is not something to be taken lightly. A dangerous work environment can pose a huge risk to your business, making it vital to incorporate safety precautions within the flow of your manufacturing operation. Stay up to date on improving your safety hazards and create a safer workplace with these tips.

Equipment Maintenance

Consistent inspection and cleaning of equipment will help prevent fires, explosions, and other damaging reactions. Dust is known to catch on fire easily, so keeping dust levels low in a manufacturing atmosphere is especially important to lower the likelihood of these unwanted occurrences. Another way to help prevent a hazard is to properly store away tools. Tools that are not being used should be verified that they are shut down correctly and stored in an assigned location. Keeping an orderly system of all tools will contribute to a safe workplace. A piece of equipment that is not functioning properly requires immediate attention, and the sooner it can be reported and repaired the better.

Preventing Trips and Slips

To avoid preventable falls be sure that all aisles and walkways are cleared, opened, and clean. If a space is not easy to keep clean, than you may want to invest in anti-slip flooring. Be sure to keep up on regular flooring checks to repair any holes, loose boards, protruding nails, and other potential hazards. This simple tip could prevent many injuries in the long run.

Falling Objects

You may want to take on preventive measures by installing toe boards or nets so items are not able to fall off of shelves. It is vital to place heavier items lower on shelves so a fall would have less impact. Never stack objects in an aisle or in the direct workspace.

Proper Maneuvering

It is extremely important that all employees are educated on how to properly maneuver objects.

  • Lift with a straight back.
  • Use the legs and pick straight up.
  • Avoid twisting or scooping.

Equipment Usage

Each individual should be thoroughly trained on how to properly use equipment, as it is very common for an injury to happen as a result of the misuse of the tools or machinery. All equipment should only be used for the intended purposes and workers should be informed how dangerous it is to use tools improperly. There are many resources available to provide this training specifically in the manufacturing sector.


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