How to Prevent Your Car from Being Broken Into

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Having someone break into your car can feel tremendously violating and can evoke a strong emotional reaction. Some of us also keep some very valuable items in our cars, such as our car insurance cards (which provide our full addresses) and garage door openers. Having your car broken into is something that no one wants to experience, but given how frequently we drive, park, and leave our cars unattended, it can sometimes feel like it’s only a matter of time.

If you do find yourself in an unfortunate predicament, you can turn to your Hobbs New Mexico Car Insurance agent to help you get through this situation. Luckily, there are methods to assist in deterring perpetrators. 

Protect Your Belongings

Most car break-ins occur due to something of value being left behind in the car. Keep your valuables and belongings out of sight. If your belongings are visible, it dramatically increases the likelihood that a thief will target your vehicle. Electronic items, duffel bags, handbags and shopping bags left in your car draws the attention of those who pass by it.

Put small items in the glove box or console and larger items in the trunk or hatch. If you must put items in your car’s backseat, put them on the floor and cover them with a towel or blanket.

Audio systems draw the attention of thieves and usually indicates other concealed items such as a subwoofer and amplifier in the trunk. If you have an expensive audio system, remove the radio faceplate from the head unit each time you leave your car. Never leave loose change, wallets, or credit cards out, as this intices thieves to break in.

A window tint can obscure the view of your car’s interior. If a thief can’t see inside your car to determine if there is anything of value, they are likely to carry on.

Pay Attention to Location

Your parking location has a significant impact on how likely your car will be targeted for a break-in. Always try to park where your car is highly visible, day or night.

Thieves prefer quiet streets and parking lots where they aren’t likely to be seen while breaking into your car. Park in an area of a parking lot close to entrances, near the door to your apartment building, or on a busy street.

Thieves typically operate in the dark where they can’t be easily identified. Whenever you need to leave your car on the street or in a public parking lot, try to park under a street light.

Think About Safety, Always

Never leave young children unattended in a car. A child left alone in a vehicle will draw the attention of passersby who may break-in to free the child from a potentially dangerous situation. Lock your doors no matter where you are driving as you never know who may pose a threat. When you leave your car, lock your car every time!

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, use the panic button on your car remote/horn to startle and scare off threats. Protect your vehicle with car insurance so you can recover from the damages if a break-in occurs.


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