How to Get Through a Tire Blowout

We all know to be prepared for the various calamities that can strike your car during winter. However, a less-discussed but equally as important topic is the seasonal risks to your car during the summertime. Sure, you likely don’t have the same extreme weather to contend with during the summer (unless you live in a hurricane-prone area), but that doesn’t mean that your car is guaranteed to run perfectly all season. One of the biggest risks to your car in the summertime is tire blowouts.

Tire blowouts can be frightening, but when you are prepared with Hobbs New Mexico Car Insurance and know the proper steps to take after one occurs, there is no need to panic. A tire blowout can easily cause a driver to become frantic and turn an inconvenience into an even greater problem. By following a few simple tips, almost anyone can safely regain control after a blowout. 

Remain Calm

The best thing you can do throughout and following any tire blowouts is simply just to remain calm. Don’t turn the steering wheel, step on the brakes or take your foot off the gas pedal. All these actions might are common and may seem like a natural response, but they could cause you to suddenly lose control of the vehicle and spin out. Take a deep breath and do not panic.

Steer Straight

When your tire blows, you are going to feel the car pull to one side. Grip the wheel firmly with both hands at the top of the wheel. It is likely that you will feel the car wobble or fishtail, but it is extremely important that you resist the urge to turn the wheel sharply and overcorrect. Although difficult, you will want to do your best to keep the vehicle going straight.

Gently Press the Gas Pedal

This may feel counterintuitive, but accelerating slightly after a tire blowout can help you regain control of the vehicle by maintaining your forward momentum. The pull of the blowout will take over if you don’t take charge of the vehicle. Once you’ve gained control, slowly release off the gas pedal. The worst thing you can do when your tire blowout is hit the breaks!

Allow the Car to Slow Itself

A blown tire will naturally slow your speed. Turn on the emergency lights, as you’ll quickly decelerate to below cruising speeds. Once your speed drops below 30 mph, then you can gently step on the brakes. When you’ve slowed down to a safe speed, 20 mph or so, you can turn the steering wheel slowly to guide your vehicle off the road. When you are safely out of traffic, take a deep breath.

Once you’re off the road and in a safe location, you’re past the worst of it. Contact your car insurance agent to report the incident and have them talk you through the rest. It’s a scary situation, but with a little preparation, it won’t be a dangerous one.

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