Fire Safety for Every Homeowner

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People love to celebrate holiday traditions through decorations and food, and we love to create new memories from these celebrations. However, it would help if you put safety first. Protect yourself, your family, and your house from fires and other accidents year-round by using these preventive fire safety measures.

Safety Tips in the Kitchen

Food is an essential ingredient in any traditional celebration. Thus, cooking and baking are inevitable. These tasks include increased risks of fire accidents in the kitchen.

To avoid these incidents, keep flammable items away from children’s reach. These items are paper, spray cans, oils, mittens, curtains, towels, aprons, among others.

While cooking, frying, or baking, stay alert and stay in the kitchen to keep an eye on it as much as you’re able. Keep a fire extinguisher at arm’s reach or in visible areas.

Clean your kitchen after cooking and baking. Make sure no oil or water spills are pooling on the countertop and floor.

Safety Tips on Decorations

Decorations are another aspect of holidays, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or the 4th of July. Candles, LED lights and other fire hazard decorations line your walls, windows, and fireplace.

To avoid fire accidents, throw away worn and broken string lights. Open wires are sources of heat, and the heat can combust flammable materials.

When using string lights, avoid plugging three strings together. Choose longer string lights to minimize exposed plugs.

Turn off these lights when you’re asleep or when you’re away for the day or weekend. Use a nonflammable catch-basin for wax candles. Alternatively, use electric candles instead of traditional ones if you want to decorate and celebrate during Hanukkah.

Use decorations accordingly. If the instruction says indoors, use the decoration indoors and not outdoors. Plus, buy decorations that are fire-resistant, so they don’t ignite easily in small fires.

Always read instructions before decorating. Some decorations have lead content on them, so use gloves to avoid allergic reactions.

Safety Tips on Fireplaces

Winter holidays are good times to snuggle in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate or your preferred beverages. A few fire incidents come from an unattended hearth, so avoid making the same mistakes as others did.

Install a fire screen in your fireplace, so embers and burning logs don’t accidentally burn your carpet or wood floors. All flammable items such as rugs and pillows should be three feet away from the hearth.

Before going to sleep or going out, extinguish the fire completely. There shouldn’t be smoke going off the chimney when you leave the fireplace.

Safety Tips on Fireworks

You often see fireworks during New Year and Fourth of July. Sometimes, fireworks are present on other holidays, too.

When you’re conducting a firework display at home, spectators should be several feet from the source. Cancel the show if there’s a massive drought in your area. A single ember can light dry grass and can lead to a fire.

Other safety tips when using fireworks include:

  • Children shouldn’t handle fireworks, even sparklers.
  • Teenagers can use sparklers if under the supervision of an adult.
  • When intoxicated, avoid using fireworks.
  • Spectators and handlers of fireworks should use eyewear.
  • Don’t light fireworks indoors.
  • Don’t hold a firework with a dying light (it could explode).
  • Soak unused fireworks and those that didn’t explode in water before throwing out.
  • Don’t relight fireworks that didn’t explode.
  • Always have a bucket of water ready for safety precaution.

Other Safety Tips

  • First aid kits should be within arm’s length. If possible, each room in your house should contain a kit.
  • Place fire extinguishers where people can easily access the equipment.
  • Secure important documents in fire-resistant storage.
  • Have a regular checkup of your electrical plumbing to ensure it’s in top condition.
  • Prepare a fire escape plan and practice it with your family.

Don’t attempt to extinguish a fire if it’s eating up a side of your wall. Call 911 and get out of the house immediately.

Acquire Home Insurance

Santa Fe Home Insurance protects your house against fire and other fortuitous events. Remember, fire can get out of hand immediately, even after preventive actions. With insurance, you can rebuild or repair your house after a fire incident.

Knowing what to do and being calm during a fire incident can save lives. So, keep your head cool and don’t panic. Again, if the fire is out of your control, stay as far away as possible. Wait for emergency responders to arrive.

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