Electricians: Be Aware of These Common Winter Electrical Problems

While it is not uncommon to encounter electrical issues throughout the year, some electrical problems are more persistent during the cold season that electricians should be aware of. Noticing issues before they become larger problems can help prevent the need for significant repairs and uncomfortable conditions for your clients. Here are common electrical issues that can occur during the winter to prepare for.

Breaker Trips/Power Outages

Winter is a demanding time for electricity. Heating systems, holiday decorations, portable heaters, and other seasonal devices put a significant strain on a home’s electrical system. Breaker trips and simple electrical issues, such as flickering lights, are common occurrences during winter.

Prevent these irritating issues by increasing the electrical power of the home’s electrical circuit, a heavy up will accommodate state-of-the-art appliances and variety of advanced technologies. An upgraded home’s electrical system will allow your clients to experience the advantages of having a stronger current of electricity.

Winter can bring disastrous weather conditions, making an under-protected home quite vulnerable to weather-related power outages. A generator may also be needed when a power outage is unavoidable.

Old Equipment

Outdated equipment can wreak havoc on an electrical system during the winter season. Dated heaters are often incompatible with modern homes.Older equipment or appliances must be checked regularly to avoid an electrical fire. Generally, if a heating appliance is older than five years it is outdated and may need to be replaced.

Static Electricity

Static electricity is prevalent during the winter and can be dangerous in certain conditions. If a damaged or unmonitored electrical current or flammable substance is nearby, static electricity can result in powerful shocks. A humidifier is a popular appliance for use in drier areas of a home to help avoid this issue.


While frayed wires can be problematic at any time of year, frayed wires are something you’ll want to check for before the temperature starts to drop. If they are left unnoticed for too long, you’re putting the home at risk. One frayed wire can cause a spark that could burn down an entire house.

If you are working on a home that has exposed electrical wire, you’ll definitely want to make sure they are in perfect working condition before winter hits. Harsh elements such as snow and ice can do major damage to wiring if it isn’t properly maintained.

Electricians have a number of unique exposures in their day-to-day work, no matter the season. At Daniels, we can create a New Mexico Business Insurance program that is specifically designed for Electricians and their needs.

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