After the Accident: How to Effectively Take Crash Scene Photos (For Your Insurer)

The aftermath of a car accident can be chaotic. When you are sitting in a wrecked car and staring through a shattered windshield, knowing what to do next can seem overwhelming. Your first priority should always be safety.

Many people fail to photograph the accident scene because they are in shock immediately following the accident or don’t realize what powerful evidence car accident photos may provide. Having car accident photos that document the damage and injuries can make all the difference in your car insurance claim.

Taking Car Accident Photos

Knowing what to include in your photos can go a long way in improving their usefulness. Consider these suggestions:

Property damage

Property damage includes internal and external damage to any vehicles involved, damage to another object or building, and damage to a roadway or sign. In addition to capturing multiple shots of the damage, make sure to photograph any skid marks, debris, or other evidence that the accident occurred.


Take photos of your injuries as soon as possible after they were sustained and in the days following your accident. Some injuries, like bruises, will not show up immediately. As they appear, make sure you document them.

Nearby Traffic Signs

Knowing that a traffic sign was present when an accident occurred may be a clue in reconstructing how the accident happened.

Anyone at the scene

You may not recall all of the people present at the scene of the crash. It may be helpful to know who was there in case you must contact them later. Take pictures of any witnesses, police officers, the other driver and passengers.

Important Details

Take pictures of the make, model, and license plate number of the other vehicles, as well as pictures of the driver’s license, insurance, and registration information of the other driver.

Surrounding Scene

There may be elements in the area surrounding the scene of the accident that can be used later as evidence. Take pictures of surrounding businesses. One of the businesses could have security cameras that captured the accident on video. Having a photo will help you to remember to contact these businesses later.

Time/date Stamp

If you are using an actual camera to take pictures, make sure the date and time on your camera are accurate. If you are using a smartphone to take pictures, the date and time are automatically stored in the metadata of each photo.

Other Considerations

Take more pictures than you think you will need. You never know what you might notice in a picture that you originally missed. Take pictures of everything that you think is relevant, and take pictures of the same thing from multiple angles.

Sometimes, a victim will be unable to take photos at the scene because of severe injuries. If that is the case, try to get a family member or friend to take pictures on your behalf as soon as possible. If you are unable to reach someone immediately, certain photos such as photos of your injuries, damages to your vehicle and skid marks can be taken at a later date. Taking pictures at the scene of the accident, however, is always preferable. Be sure to have secured car insurance so photos can be of relevance to a claim.

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